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Group Classes

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Class Descriptions

Cardio Blast: exhaust your muscle groups with a circuit format that will increase your heart rate while building muscle strength and endurance. This class is packed with many body weight and weighted exercises.

Circuit Mania: develop exercise stamina by using a variety of cardiovascular programs in a circuit format. Classes may include step, kickboxing, and plyometrics. This combination will create an intense cardiovascular class.

Core Circuit: strengthen your abs, back and gluts with a variety of body weight and weighted exercises. Exercises are done in a specific order that will create a stronger and defined core.  

Fit Pyramid: develop exercise stamina by adding intensity, repetitions, and difficulty to core exercises. This class will increase cardiovascular endurance, develop lean muscle and create definition.

Heart Rate Mania: learn how to monitor your heart rate to shed those unwanted pounds. This class will allow you to experience your aerobic and anaerobic zones with intense cardio and body weight exercises.

HIIT: Push yourself with this High Intensity Interval Timed class that will challenge your cardiovascular peaks. Go beyond your limit with timed boot camp, plyometric and strength movements.

Kickboxing Circuit: cycle through a combination of kickboxing and boot camp moves to increase cardio endurance, coordination, speed, and core strength. This class will push you to your target heart rate so can burn fat and become a healthier you.

PIYO: strengthen your core in this boot camp style class inspired by Pilates and yoga. This class will incorporate stretching and cardio endurance with Pilates and yoga inspired moves and poses.

Pyramid Mania: develop your strength and gain muscle tone by adding weight and decreasing reps. This class will take your strength training to the next level to create a stronger you.

Step Mania: improve cardio with timed and choreographed step moves. This class with also push you to your target heart rate zone for heart health & wellness!

Strictly Strength: push yourself! Experience pyramids, max sets, and endurance strength programs all in one class.

Weighted Cardio: increase your cardio endurance with this weighted style workout. This class will increase your metabolism with basic bootcamp moves with added weight.

Yoga Flow: relax into your vinyasa flow with a marriage of breath to body, from beginner to intermediate. This class will help you practice conscious breath and connect it to your poses and movement while building upon strength and balance.

*Classes are offered on a rotating basis, with the exception of yoga which is offered weekly.